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11 Jan 2004
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United Kingdom
I got this just now:

Hi Simon,

Last week I got a parking ticket.

It was a bit naughty of me to be honest – I was parked outside
my favourite food shop, which sells really nice home cooking.

I always buy loads when I go there because I’m too lazy to go
shopping “properly”, so I decided to park my car just outside
with two wheels on the pavement – which the company (I’m going
to give them a mention here because the food is so good –
http://www.******* ) didn’t mind at all.

The reason for parking there was so that I didn’t have to lug
the loot back to the car park which was a good distance away.

I made sure that I wasn’t blocking either the road or the
pavement, which is really wide outside the shop.

Anyhow, the inevitable happened and I got outside to find that
I had a £100 parking ticket (£50 if paid within 28 days) under
the windscreen wiper.

I was about to just pay the fine because I’m quite busy with
running the company and all, and couldn’t be bothered to fight
it -- when my friend said “why don’t you just use that web-site
of yours to get the ticket cancelled?”.

It took me a moment to realise what he was going on about but
it then sank in;

“Oh, BeatThe****Ticket? ....of course!”

So I logged in to BeatThe***Ticket (BTPT), the site that I
launched a couple of years back with Ian O’Grady. I then typed
in the “Contravention Code” which is printed at the top of every
council parking ticket (it was 62 for my particular “offence”),
then followed the steps listed.

And this morning I have received a letter to confirm that the
ticket has been cancelled!

I had forgotten that I ever started the site... well I didn’t actually
forget but I had just never had any reason to think of it again
because -- to my surprise -- it wasn’t massively popular when
we first launched it, so I never bothered to promote it again.

However, I felt compelled to write this email because when it
happened to me first hand and I used the site as if it were
not owned by me – in other words as an “end user” rather than
someone who’s idea it was in the first place – I remembered
just what a valuable service it is.

Not trying to blow my own trumpet there – it just excites me
that the loopholes work!

If you feel that you, a family member or a friend might be at
risk of getting a parking ticket any time in the future then I
suggest you try BTPT out.

All you have to do is look for the Contravention Code which will
be printed at the top of your ticket, type this code in to the web-site
and “voila”! – it spits out the loopholes that you can use to legally
get the parking ticket cancelled.

You then just have to copy them down in a letter to the parking
office and await their reply, which should confirm that the ticket
has been cancelled.

If you would like to try it out for yourself, then please tap on this link:


All the best,

Adam Blair
Founder, BTST

P.S. There is no “risk” in trying it out -- you may cancel your
membership easily at any time by simply emailing
********** (you really will not want
to, but this is for your peace of mind).

P.P.S. I am happy for you to share your login details with
family and close friends should they receive a parking ticket
so that they can use the service for nothing – please just do
not advertise them publicly... Thanks!

See the deal at -- http:****************

I have not sent a reply because I do not want to let the company know the address is active, but here is my reply:

Hi Adam

As a motorist, you should know never to park on the pavement (even if it is wide). Pavements are for pedestrians.

Imagine yourself as a person who is registered blind using that pavement.

I am appalled that you contravened a very basic rule of motoring then used a "loophole" to get yourself off the hook.

How many other rules do you think don't apply to you?

Hang your head in shame.

All the best,

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or secures,

Dear Adam,

Are you retarded? You see to have a Web Site hosted you need to pay for that. Are you telling me that you pay for your web site to be hosted yet forgot what and why you were paying this money?

I can only surmise you are some kind of idiot who has no control over his life and as such you are a totally unreliable person. If you think I am going to trust you with my details then you certainly are retarded.

The nice men in white coats will be along shortly with your medication.


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