Special dispensation for Dropped Kerb

18 Jan 2015
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone

I live in Newham, London and I wish to request the local council special dispensation for a dropped kerb, as they currently 'do not allow dropped kerbs for to be built for individual residential properties in Newham'

They go on to provide the following reasons:

We do not allow dropped kerbs to be built because:
  • removing gardens to create parking spaces is bad for the appearance of the street
  • they can cause problems for pedestrians
  • if the garden is small some vehicles may be partly parked on the pavement
  • they reduce the amount of street parking.
I am very very surprised at the reasons they have given as similar properties near mine DO have dropped kerbs, and there are many many on length of the road.

The refusal to allow dropped kerbs is very distressing for me & my disabled mother.

One of the most irksome issues I have is that the nearby properties that DO have dropped kerbs all all of them have 2 or more vehicles, one of which stays on the drive (as the area recently through a residential permit consultation) and the other goes on the road, using a space - frustrating, but reasonable, the main issue then becomes apparent after 5pm weekdays & Saturday (when I mostly arrive back home) is that they then take out their vehicles & use double the space they would.

This in turn leaves even less space for what is already a nightmare area for parking.

I almost always arrive back after 7pm & I am almost never able to get parking on my road, the other issue is that as parking spaces on the road are short supply, many many times I am having to drop my Mum off in the evening on the roadside for me then to find parking elsewhere, whilst she waits for me to return.

She & I are both reluctant to open the door whilst she is on her own as our area isn't the safest by any means & I do not wish to invite trouble or the possibility of someone either attacking my Mum whilst she is opening the door or having to wait standing around (usually cold if not wet too) whilst I arrive back. - I don't even want to start getting into the issues I have with shopping / unloading!

The entire situation is getting very tiriing & I am wondering if there's anyone who has any ideas or suggestions in how I would be able to obtain special dispensation for applying for a dropped kerb.

Apologies for the essay but I wished to leave you with all relevant info I could think of.

Thanks everyone
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Print out the above. Sign it. Address it to the Council. Pop it in the post. That should work.
Would they allow you to have a disabled parking bay immediately outside your house?
Nakajo, I may just do that

GeoffJ, I have not asked but I am reluctant to do so as the badges have expiry dates, this is already the third if not fourth separate occasion we've been provided with a blue badge after continuous appeals & complaints - I don't want to be in a position where I've forgotten to put the badge & end up getting a PCN instead (I know that would happen! lol)
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You don't need a badge to park in a disabled painted space outside a home. The space itself carries no parking restriction and relies on driver's goodwill to not park in it. They do tend to work though, but it depends on your council's policy as to whether they paint one in the first place.
Anyone else have any suggestions before I write to my council that may help my cause?
Lol cjard, if only!

Woody, although I'm not 100% on if one is technically needed or not, but I do recall us receiving a PCN many years ago for doing just that (parking in disabled spot without a badge)

Other thing I forgot to point out is that if we do leave it out on display, it'll pay likely be pinched ('perks' of living in East London!)

A painted disabled space is in all honesty a last resort for me
Letter drafted & sent

lets see what happens!

Wish me luck, gonna need a tonne of it as it's Newham :mad::(:cautious:
Umy786, have you had any reply from Newham coucil as I would like to request same thing?

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