Peugeot 207 repeated brake disc warping

29 Nov 2012
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

Peugeot 207
1.4 petrol
60k miles

A few months ago my front right tyre partially deflated after hitting a pot hole (I think) then a minute or two later as I was turning left the car span and the front right wheel hit the curb sideways at perhaps 15 mph and mounted the curb.

This ruined the bearings and brake pads/discs which I have had replaced. Barely a week later I began hearing a crunching noise from that wheel as I braked. This developed into heavy vibration on the steering wheel as I braked so I took it back to the garage who replaced the offending brake disc. The noise came back within a week, the vibration is beginning to return and I think the bearings in the wheel sound as though they are going again.

I have taken it to three garages, who have looked at it but could find nothing wrong with it although they seem to focus on the brakes themselves when I believe the cause of this is actually else where. I cannot seem to find a garage that will look into it properly, they all just want to keep replacing my brake pads/discs.

Should I offer to pay labour costs to investigate the problem as a way of getting someone to look into it a bit deeper? Any other suggestions?
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What a garage needs to do is to test the actual hub - that the disc fixes to - for run out....this involves fixing a dial test indicator near to the hub, and the probe of this will show any distortion when the hub is turned.
It takes very little to give you imbalance like this.
John :)
Thanks John! I'll find out if this has been done previously when I've taken it in (it has not been mentioned).

Would an issue require a change of the hub assembly?
Yes, if the hub is distorted, a new one is needed......which means another set of bearings, I'm afraid - personally I don't renew the hub alone, so new bearings every time for me.
John :)
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Just as a follow up to this; the mechanics have performed a dial test and told me the front non-drivers side hub is out of alignment (value of 10-15 was quoted) and that the bearings on the drivers side are going (again) although the dial test didn’t show an issue on the drivers side. Is it possible that the non-drivers side hub could be causing my bearings to go and discs to warp on the drivers side?
Pure coincidence, I'm afraid!
The hub usually distorts because the mechanic whacks the old disc off too hard....they can rust to the hub to such a degree that its safer to cut the disc off rather than bash away.
Bearing failure (premature) is due to crap quality bearings, or they have been forced in without a press. Simply braying them in with a hammer and drift won't do!
John :)