Peugeot 306 lights pulsate when idle

14 Feb 2004
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United Kingdom
Hi all. I have a 5.5 year old 306 2.0 HDi. Recently the lights including the Dash have started to pulsate when idling. If I'm driving, it only does it when I take my foot off the accelerator for about a second. I checked the voltage of the battery without the engine started and it read 12.2 volts. With the engine started, it read 14.2-14.3 volts but every so often would drop to below 10 volts for about a second and then go back to normal. Ha anybody any suggestions as to what it might be. Thanks.

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It sounds like a diode is breaking down in your alternator,if as you say the voltage fluctuates it is only going to get worse,a good auto electrician will more than likely sort it,but I'd be inclined to try one off a scrapper first,an alternator I expect from a lecky will set you back at least a ton.[/quote]
Thanks for the info. I was leaning more towards the alternator, as the battery seems to be okay. I'm going to drop it in to get it tested. I'm hoping to get a recon if it is the alternator. Should be a bit cheaper.
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