Peugeot 307 indicator problem

26 Mar 2009
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United Kingdom
hello all,

i recently bought a Peugeot 307 hdi rapier. however i am having a problem with my indicator:

when indicating and turning right, instead of the indicator switching off when the steering is corrected after turning, the indicators begin to indicate left!!

Can anyone please help with this problem??

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Usually this is due to the indicator stalk being worn...instead of just returning to off, the stalk is flying over the stop and going onto the left position, obviously then indicating left. A new stalk is the answer if I'm right.
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thanks but link didn't work as item has been removed..any guesses on cost of part?
A wild guess at £60 - I'd usually go to a main stealers for this but you could try a specialist Peugeot breakers from Yellow Pages....or even a scrappy but there's no guarantee it would be any good. Why not give the local Peugeot garage a ring? Best to quote the reg. number. Cheers John
Main dealer cost, over £200.00.

Search for "307 indicator" on E-bay, £100.00 if you can get the correct one.
thanks all for your help..was very useful

i have found an indicator stalk/control unit which has been taken from a 53-plate..does anybody know if this will fit my 52-plate??
200 quid?? Jeez! Anyway, so long as the stalk has the same functions as yours, i.e no cruise control or anything different, it should be fine. Check out the number of wires and their colours, together with the multipin plug and all should be well if they match. Cheers John
thanks for the help

however, the trader i bought the car from repaired it with a brand new part!! :D

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