Phone line, internet line, hungry dog & me.

13 Jul 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi all, I'll keep this as brief as possible.
Got home to find my dog had chewed my phone lines leaving me without phone or internet. Both wires come from a BT box just above my skirting.
There's a cable that disappears directly into the box with four wires. They're orange with white spots, blue with white spots, white with blue spots & orange with white spots.
This cable goes all round my hallway & disappears through the cieling!
The other cable plugs into the front of the BT box & eventually goes into my internet router. Inside this flat cable are a red, a green & a blue cable + a bare wire.
1. Where would I get replacement cables from?
2. Can new cable be easily spliced into old cable?
3. How easy would it be to replace/move the BT box to a safer spot & what would I need to buy?

Thanks for reading & any answers would need to be in simpletons' language!

Thanking you all in advance,

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Not banished that puppy to the garden yet...? :rolleyes: :)

Look back at your post in February - there's good advice there. The blue and orange cable is 2-pair telephone cable - get it anywhere. The flat one is going to be a modem lead of some kind, I think. Check the length and the type of plugs on each end and see what you can find on eBay...

Put a length of (metal?) capping strip over the wires to stop it happening again.

The cable which plugs into the front of the box and goes to your router is easily replaced. It is the one which "goes all around the hallway and disappears through the ceiling" which could prove problematical. If you remove the front faceplate of the BT box (only the lower part should come away) to where is the chewed cable connected, the part that comes away, or to the remaining part of the BT box?

If it is the remaining part of the box, then that cable "belongs" to BT, and in theory should not be touched. If it connected to the part which comes away, then it is going to a telephone extension box upstairs, and can be left disconnected for the time being. Just plug a filter into the BT Test socket (left visible when the front plate is removed) plug in a phone and see if the phone works. Then buy a new router cable (RJ-11 to RJ-11 - B&Q and other "sheds", also the likes of Maplins have them) and see if you can get the internet back up.

Good luck!

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