Pin hole in stainless steel sink

18 Nov 2010
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United Kingdom
Hi all, I noticed that I had a leak from the kitchen sink and upon investigation I discovered it was not the usual suspects but a pin hole in the sink itself. Is there any way that this can be repaired? Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you
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Any repair using something like Araldite would be a bodge, I'm afraid.....unfortunately you need a new sink - and its not too uncommon!
The better makes such as Franke won't suffer from this defect.
John :)
Agreed. The differing quality of stainless steel was not something I had thought much about until the s/s water tank on our narrowboat sprang a leak. Took some time to trace and prove it was poor grade s/s used to fabricate the tank.

In your case a new good quality sink will be the only reliable solution.
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Do you use a lot of bleach? Not good for stainless steel.
Most stainless steel blends can be soldered using killed spirits as a flux.

A big copper soldering iron Iron gives best results (less instant heat loss) and better than flame because of less oxidation.

As always, surface must be fully prep'd clean, you'll find the solder will run quite easily once you get the hang of it.
THERE are some water resistance adhesive tapes, and if it is only a very tiny pin hole, then i cannot see why a patch with a self adehsive pad won't stick to the underside and since it is water reppelant and resitance adhesive, (like the ones they use for patching roofs, it is bitumen based, but there are others available too.

failing that, drill a 3mm di hole and bang a rivett through it like a plug

failing that go for a new sink, a much too difficult option an costly and more time consuming obviously.
Thanks for all the advice, I think I will try a patch and if it does'nt work then it's a new sink.
I must say that I have always had excellent results using epoxy to repair a leak in metal.

BUT I do use standard epoxy ( not rapid ), properly clean and dry and use a 2p coin or similar to give mechanical strength.


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