piring PIR to two flood lights

18 May 2010
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United Kingdom
Want to have one pir and wire it to 2 LED floods. How will the wiring be set out? I already have an existing light that I will be taking down.
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Existing light = supply --wired-- to pir-- wired to light 1 loop feed to light 2.

Existing switch to original light remains switched ON.

Job done !

i did that and turned elec back on and it tripped. Checked wiring and it did it again? The instructions with PIR are crap!
i did that and turned elec back on and it tripped. Checked wiring and it did it again? The instructions with PIR are crap!

There's only 4 wires/connections involved:

Permanent Live
Switched (by the PIR) live

Any chance you can scan in or take a photo of the poor instructions? And a picture of the wiring connector in the PIR lamp?
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If you could link the type/model of sensor your using may help.
Normally would go
*From functional switch/supply
*To sensor-Live/line to L, Neutral to N and earth to E/⏚
*From sensor to light 1-L1 to L, N to N, E to E/⏚
*From light 1 to light 2-L to L, N to N, E to E/⏚
Make sure the combined load is less than the switch sensor output rating.
Hi, the red wire is the swithed live from the PIR, connect the L to your floods to that connection.

Brown =L mains in
Blue = N mains + N to floods
Remember to Earth as required.

This is based on the First pictured PIR


Sorry, which picture are you referring to ?

I have stated the first , ie top.


Is this neutral switching?
No. What makes you think it is?
I thought that practise was outlawed.
It more-or-less is - it's certainly a very bad and dangerous practice.

Kind Regards, John
Apolgies, seems like a thread hi-jack (it isn't)
1. Ah, I see I mis-interpetted the pic1 printing, that is probably live switched/dimmed.
2. 'more or less' ? - Is N switching permitted under current regs ?
Is this neutral switching?
The diagram in the picture shows the load ( the lamp shown as a circle with an X in it ) connected to direct to neutral so there is no switch in the neutral.

The the switch in the sensor when triggered by motion connects the brown/black wire to the red wire which is switching the Live.

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