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31 May 2015
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United Kingdom
Not sure if anyone can help,
Me and my neighbours built a garden shed.
This was built at the back of the Garden.
We have been approached by the planning department saying
We don't have planning permission and that because it's joint we need to apply For planning. In simple terms we built a shed a shed which is 12 meter wide and 4 meters deep. We just put a wall inbetween the 2 to separate them.
But the council are not happy and are saying this should have ben built as 2 seperate shed and there should be gap between them.
We thought that this would come under pd rights but they sayings it's not.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Does anyone have any suggestions?


Yes, submit a retrospective planning application for an outbuilding on shared land, and make sure you fill the forms in to notify the neighbour and get his permission.

It's not PD as you have effectively built on someone else's land without planning approval.

Or saw a joint down the boundary
The council just wants 2 x £172 from you for a joint application. Tell them to pi$$ off - they won't do anything.
The sheds are not built on someone else land.
Me and the neighbour just done a joined built.
This is built on both of our lands and split down
The middle. But the council officer says there need to be space
Between the 2 sheds. Ours is built as one but with a wall in middle.
We done it this way because it cost us cheaper.
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Hi Woody,
It's a single shed, built on land of 2 properties.
It was just cheaper to build as one and spilt it into 2 with a wall in middle.
And we both have our own access into the shed .
Also where the sheds are spilt in half we also have a wall inbetween both houses to separate everything.
So basically we both have a 24 sq meter sheds each at the back of our gardens.
It only needs planning permission because of a technicality ie going onto someone else's land (assuming of course that it meets the other criteria for curtilage buildings).

The council will huff and puff but won't do anything. The old PPG 18 on Enforcement specifically stated that enforcement action is not appropriate for

"a minor or technical breach where no harm has occurred"

Although that has been withdrawn, nothing has yet replaced it, so the argument would still hold on appeal

This is clearly a technical breach, and has any harm occurred? Probably not. The council's suggestion of having separate walls is ridiculous. OP should not make an application (it may well be turned down) He should just sit tight and call their bluff.

There might be Building Regs implications, though, but that can always be sorted.
I don't think its minor.

What happens if the neighbour decides to sell next week? There's then an unauthorised building on someone's land with the full knowledge of (and condone by) the local planning authority.

Planners always consider the property and not the current occupants.
woody please post back where an owner had his shed pulled down, yea maybe some buyers may be put off but you're exaggerating the effects.
Yes they're outbuilding that are also horrific invasive eyesores, this is a shed, try to keep things in context.

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