25 Sep 2008
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United Kingdom
Hi all I Have a similar prob as Chocky!

Can I plaster over a recently stripped wallpaper surface. The surface has also got some residue of the former glue.

If I skim over this will the plaster fall off again?

Do I need to wash the walls down with sugar soap? or some other product first?

Can I just PVA the wall and skim over that?

PLEASE can someone offer a professional opinion and advice.

Thanks all


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The reply to Chocky is relevant to your question as well Gypsy Moth.

Roughcaster, thanks mate. Appreciate the clarification.

Helps to know what has to be gone first.

Cheers Take care

The reply to Chocky is relevant to your question as well Gypsy Moth.


RC, The ceiling I am about to do is a sectional mixture of multi finish plaster and old lath and Lyme plaster. It still very firm and has a good integrity.

I removed the ceiling paper, again the same problem with the glue of course.

But I have had an idea, please could you offer your opinion:

After clearing all the paper off, I scored the surface with the sharp edge of a scraper and sealed off the surface with a thick mix of PVA bond.

Will this be enough for the skim for the skim to stick?

I had a similar idea with the wall, like you would do if you were rendering or tiling a surface.

Looking forward to your input, and thanks again for your previous comment.


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As long as the surface to be plastered is sound, clean and all flaky paint etc has been removed, including any old w/paper adhesive, it is ready to plaster. You said that you have scored the surface with the sharp edge of a scraper and sealed it with a thick PVA mix. You really didn't need to score it because PVA would have been enough to bond the new skim, but you've done it now so lets move on ;) ...... So what you have now is a ceiling that's been scored and PVA'd (sealed)... Just before you skim over the ceiling, you must PVA it again and let it go tacky, (not too wet, not too dry). Also,,, "Never" plaster or render onto PVA that has dried out. All the best G.M.

Thanks RC

It's good to know that I am on the right track. I will remember not to score next time.
Thanks again very much for your help. I hope I can return the favour one day.

I'm a chippie

Take care

Thanks G.M. Some jobs do require a key, especially if a surface is going to carry a bit of weight/thicker coat, but in a skim or thin coat situation, good old PVA will suffice. Always advise a key for any cement render/roughcast,wall coatings though.


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