Positioning of controls

AdamW said:
Don't they drive left-handed on the continent because Napolean was left-handed? I seem to recall that he was the one who started all that nonsense!

There are all sorts pf aspects to the left/right argument:


http://users.pandora.be/worldstandards/driving on the left.htm

Some places swapped sides in the past, for example certain provinces of Canada changed from left to right during the 1920s to 1940s, and Sweden changed over in 1967.

Edit: The first link seems to be down at the moment. It's available on Google's cache here:

Which side of the road do they drive on?
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Interesting stuff! 34% of the world's population lives in right-hand drive countries, never would have thought that! I did know about the old Italian rule of driving on the right in the country and on the left in the city though... I think they still keep to that, albeit unofficially. :LOL:

By the way, that first one (read via the Google cache) was written by someone who doesn't understand the terms "right-hand drive" and "left-hand drive", as they get it backwards (i.e. referring to the UK as left-hand drive and the US as right-hand drive). :rolleyes:
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Did you say 'GTXL or GTX Sir ?'


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Coincidental door number number pipme, named after the height from the ground if I remember rightly.
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Ah, but the GT car in Clockwork Orange was even lower, something like 36" according to Top Gear!

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