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24 Nov 2013
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United Kingdom
So all the well established brands are well over a grand and many pushing 2k. This one caught my eye

Suspect all the big brands are also made in China but many more years thought given to their design.

Unlikely I know someone else has got one and can give feedback but that'd be the best. Otherwise if noone has one, are there any obvious features its missing from the description? Temps up to 80degrees, reverse and dump are the ones I've been looking at but could easily have missed something.

At that price (and why should a glorified pump and manifold cost more ?) I'm wondering if its worth a punt ?

I think its the same as this branded as "kampa". (I think I prefer the first brand name....)
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Warranty and parts is the worry. No support either I bet.
It's a cheap machine that may pay for itself quicky but not last?
Thanks both. If Wayners is right and I'd agree its the most likely scenario then for a DIYer who wants to flush every year and maybe do the odd family/friend that'd be ideal.

Main thing was to check if I'd missed anything from the headline features. I may well get it and if I do I'll report back....
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Selling Company is based in the UK and has a reasonable presence -

Heating Trade Supplies Group Limited - https://www.heatingtradesupplies.com/about-us.html

Might be worth a chat and see what kind of backup is offered. Lets be honest though - like everything - you only usually get what you pay for.

Perhaps, but the same firm lists the same item on ebay at differing prices. Although the image says that it has a two year warranty, none of the product descriptions list a two year warranty. Most say one one year.

According to Company House

The company only has one officer (no secretary?) and 3 (unfulfilled) charging orders from HSBC. They have £81k in the bank, but need to pay out £1.9m to creditors in the current financial year...

The mismatch between the image showing a 2 year warranty and the supposed 1 year warranty would worry me. That said, they may be a valid reason. It also seems odd that the same limited company has multiple different ebay seller accounts.
Perhaps, but the same firm lists the same item on ebay at differing prices. Although the image says that it has a two year warranty, none of the product descriptions list a two year warranty. Most say one one year.
Very true but they do have a physical UK presence - they aren't a virtual company usually based in Asia, like a lot of ebay accounts like those are. So worst came to the worst there is an actual door to go and beat down

Not suggesting that makes the company any better but certainly better than one that's purely electronic and based in a country that simple ignores common laws and sense.
Turned up this morning.

The connections are hose type 3/4" . So now I have to figure out where to connect it to my OV system.

Rads would be the easiest but better at the pump (valves are new so should open easily) or at the boiler which is 28mm pipework although there is a boiler-m8 I might be able to get on to (?) - from memory it uses a 22mm to 28mm adapter itself.

Of course Kamco have all their hoses and adapters so you can connect where you like including pump valves but not (yet) convinced its worth another grand or so. Oh and on this thing the dump/circulate lever is very stiff - maybe thats normal and will loosen who knows.

Any idea of best/easiest way to connect on to main 28mm trunk of the system? I couldn't see any adapters that would fit onto the pump valves but maybe I'm looking for the wrong thing. Or maybe I should fit a 28mm tee near the boiler, reduce to 22 then 3/8 male iron. Or something.?
Kamco will do the power pump adapter, usually around £100 - take the pump out and screw the adapter on to the housing - they have 3/4" fittings I believe. There are also a lot of cheaper alternatives that may be worth a punt.
I have a Kamco I got the whole kit for less than £1200. I've coupled it with the magnaclease double magnetic kit. Works well together and earns it's money. Kamco are not far so I have taken my machines there for servicing and repairs

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