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22 May 2013
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United Kingdom
Hi All

I have a problem which hopefully you guys can help me with.

We bought our house in January this year and the gable end wall was rendered 8 months ago by the previous owner due to damp, (our house was built in 1850). We noticed that the rendered wall seems to have hairline cracks all over it like a crazed pattern (jigsaw puzzle) which seem to be getting wider.

This is apparently a meshed system where the mesh is bolted to the wall at key points and then the render is attached to this.

I have attached a pic so please feel free to take a look and comment.

Do you think we have any comeback on the contractor to put this right or is this normal? The house is definitely not moving which he said was the possible cause for this & certainly not in an 8 month timescale since the render was applied...


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It looks like it was badly rendered to me. Is that gable (or the house ,stone built?)The only crack I can see on your picture is the one at the top by the air-vent (Or is that a wire or cable) It doesn't look like a sand and cement render, but I might be wrong. Check out what the gable was rendered with and if you can draw on your image point out where the cracks are.Have you got all the receipts for the work that was done as that will help if you are trying to get it reinstated...
Hi Roy

The house is brick built.

This is a Weber meshed system but not sure what product the contractor actually used (in the process of finding out)...

The cracking is all over (a bit bigger than hairline cracks) & yes, that is a cable. (Render looks like a jigsaw puzzle!)

If you have a mail address I will provide you with a more detailed photo and hopefully you can give me your advise.

hi Denis best to keep all details and photos on the forum then I and all the lads can have an in-put. ;)
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If its weber it looks like its there monocouche, which is called "weber pral m"
Obviously something has gone seriously wrong as it should never look like this ! Did the contractor seal the wall first ? If he was going over brickwork that had render on previously he should of applied rend aid on first, rend aid is another Weber product, it helps the render adhere to the wall and also equalises the wall so some areas dont dry in faster than others and it also stops the render drying out too quick which can cause crazing. It also looks like its been rubbed/scraped up all wrong !
Hello again chaps

The reason the seller gave for the render being attached was that the end wall was painted but kept peeling away due to salt coming back out through the bricks.

The current render was attached onto a wall with no render previously attached to the wall.

There seems to be a backing paper (colour of a brown paper bag) with a foil lining attached to the wall and then the render attached to the meshed system used.

Do you think that this render needs to come off and be replaced as Weber have suggested a waterproof liquid type solution be applied to cover the cracks, this apparently has 6 different colours to choose from (not that I really care as I just want it fixed and not looking a complete mess). They haven't even been out to see it yet so not sure how they can recommend that without actually seeing it first hand!

Do you also think that this would have any impact in the future as I don't really want to hide something that could come and bite me if its hidden at this stage. Is this render likely to fail in the future looking at it now?

Thanks for your time

To be honest I'm not too sure what meshed type system has been used from the description given, but at the end of the day something along the line has failed, which is obvious from the picture.

In my opinion it will need to come off and be done again as the cracks are not good for a start as they will get bigger and eventually let water get behind the render.
I don't know much about the method used on this job, but it looks awful the way it is. As ICSolutions says, it'll need to come off and start again. It can't be waterproof, it will only get worse, and it's a "Terrible Advert" for the company/firm that did the job.

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