Problem with the drain/outflow from Miele Washer dryer

27 Oct 2006
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United Kingdom
I have a Miele WT 946 Washer/dryer . About 2 months ago, it started leaking waste water. Pulled out the machine and disconnected trap and pipework and flushed them out (they were clogged up) and it all seemed to go back to working fine, until yesterday when the problem recurred. When it empties, it seems to pump out at such a rate that the pipe work in the house can't take it. So the water backs up the drainage pipe work and spills on the floor.
I initially assumed that this was being caused by a partial blockage in the pipe work. So I treated it with liquid unblocker (no joy). I then ran a snake through the pipe several times. I followed this up by stuffing the garden hose down the pipe and opening it up full bore to flush anything through.
The drain seems quite happy to take full mains pressure without problem. Hook up the washing machine however and the old problem returns - and I get a wet floor. It seems the machine can pump out at a faster rate than mains pressure - but is this right? I thought it might be a blockage too far down for my amateur attempts to clear, and so today my wife called Dynorod and they came and gave the pipework a thorough cleanout. WHen we put the outlet pipe back into the drain, the problem recurred! Help, I think I'm going mad. Is it likely to be a blockage Dynorod missed? Or is there something simple like the way the outlet is seated in the drain that could cause some sort of backflow.
Any advice gratefully received :(
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waste pipe too far down the tube ,bring it near the top 3 inches down is enough
Ok, just tried it again with the outlet hose less far into the pipe - same result, the water starts bubbling over as soon as the machine starts pumping out. Not massively mind, just a few spurts.
Tried with the pipe just in the top (1/2 inch) and same result!
I'm stumped. :confused:
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im stumped as well ,how far is the top of pipe to the bottom before the bend it should be at least 2 ft drop, could be a air lock in the pipe work

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