Problems with external HDD enclosure

26 Jan 2008
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United Kingdom
My laptop stopped booting up (corrupt registry files) i believe. So, I bought a new hard drive and reinstalled XP onto it. Everything is back to normal now and laptop is once again fully functional.

However, my problem is that I bought an IDE to USB caddy to connect the old internal drive up as an external drive with the hope that I could retrieve all the data from it. I hook it all up, the disk is recognised and appears as a drive in my computer. However, when I double click on the new drive icon, it just comes up with "Do you want to reformat ???" Obviously, I dont because i'll lose everything. Is this because of the corrupt registry files ? or because there is an operating system still on the old drive? If so, is there anyway to bypass these to allow me to get the data off?

Many Thanks
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I'm no expert here and I'm not sure why it's asking you if you want to reformt, but instead of double clicking the drive icon, have you tried right clicking on the drive icon and then going to "Open" to see if you can open the files on the drive that way?
Just to rule it out, when you installed XP on to your new hard drive did you opt for FAT32 or NTFS file system?
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Use the Windows disk manager to assess the state of the drive, then decide what to do.
Get yourself over to and buy a copy of Spinrite.....this utility fixes most harddrives and can be used once a month to avoid having fatal problems crop up. Really is good and works in most cases.