PS/2 to USB Keyboard convertor and / key

4 Jan 2009
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United Kingdom
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Is the keyboard a UK keyboard, and is the device setting "UK keyboard"?
It could possibly be a keyboard mapping issue, rather than a key not working?
If you press '#' ' " ' '@', or '£', what output do you get?
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Oh dear! :(
Buried in the description!:
"Please note that when you use this adapter you will not be able to use the key \| this key will not work"
Humm. I think they must have updated that, based on feedback I left.

good they have done it.

I guess I need to buy another one.
A black one or a transparent blue one.
Was checking if it was something I was missing.
All I would add, if your keyboard is just a standard keyboard, it may be time to replace it!
If your keyboard is a beautiful old mechanical IBM keyboard...persevere! ;)
Yeah. I concluded that too.
A new cherry usb keyboard arrived yesterday. The \ key works.
The buttons are a tad on the firm side, though may wear in. The shift key could annoy me though.

So I thought I would go back looking for adaptors for my also newish ps2 soft key board.

On the plus side, at least they have all the keys, unlike some modern Dell ones I have seen. (Functions keys merged like a laptop)
Well I managed to get a convertor off eBay for £4.10 that works.

The explorer keys work too. Back forward calculator etc
Well my new convertor won't allow me to do Alt PrintScreen

Thankfully I had ordered and received a nice and cheap USB keyboard (with volume and media controls ) so using that now.

I couldn't help myself but order another type of PS2 adaptor so will see what it does :whistle:

So I purchased one of these blue lump convertors.
There are lots of negative reviews on Amazon complaining how flimsy it is and rust. Mine was a bit rusty too.

the initial impressions of the electronics :

\ key works
Alt prn screen works
Internet keys works
May even work with barcode reader

yes the body isnt good. Clashes with other laptop ports and is too high.

I plan to use it off a short usb extension to get round these problems
Noticed that once or twice this device appears to latch down a key!

twice today

@AndyPRK what was the £4.10 converter (from ebay, that the Alt PrintScreen doesn't work) that you tried?

I'm having the same pain! I bought one of the blue things a while ago, but it fell apart, mainly because I had to jam it in between adjacent ports on the KVM coz it's too wide.

I recently bought one of the beige Y-cable adaptors - without carefully reading the description about the backslash/pipe key not working (or the media keys, but could live without those) - I quickly discovered that myself!

Neither KeyTweak or SharpKeys could fix that because it just doesn't generate any scancodes for those keys.

Further searching brought me here...

I may just tape the blue thing up again and get a short USB extender instead!
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