Punto - broken speedometer

12 Jul 2006
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United Kingdom

I have a fiat punto... 2000 model ... the newer style but not newest.

The speedometer has been playing up for a few weeks... sometimes it works but more often it doesn't - it sticks on 0 mph when I'm driving along. I'm trying to figure out what is wrong with it so I can fix it. I noticed the temperature reading used to stick when I first got it which makes me think that it might be a problem with the whole instrument panel or maybe a loose connection behind. I have a Haynes fiat punto service and repair and cant find anything in there - only how to remove and replace the instrument panel.

My local garage advised me to take it to the fiat dealer far far away (where I'd probably have to pay a fortune) which is why I'd like to fix it myself if I can.

Has anyone experienced anything similar and/or know whats up with it and how to fix it?

thanks :)
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thanks for the link :)

I'm planning on taking the instument panel out tomorrow and seeing if it is just a loose connection... worth a try. I really need to get it fixed before going on a long journey next weekend.

thanks again