Pyronix Enforcer v10 hard wire a siren

2 Jun 2017
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United Kingdom
Have just purchase the Pyronix Enforcer v10 with WiFi, I have managed to install the system and setup PIR's, wires bell and door contact successfully I hope.

I also purchased a Pyronix Deltabell and hard wired it, I need some help configuring it as I cannot get bell to sound. The wireless bell is working perfectly, are there any settings I need to follow to get the wired bell to work?

Any help appreciated
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No programming required. Check your wiring and that the small PCB on the panel back plate is plugged into the front panel correctly.
Thanks for your response, sounds too easy, I'm sure the wiring is correct only four wires connected, I'll check if its plugged in correctly
You need your 12v, Trigger, Strobe & Tamper return so ideally 5 wires are required.

Check with a meter that the panel is putting 12v to the PCB then meter between 12v and the trigger terminal, do a bell test and meter should register about 13v this way you prove the panel is ok.

If in doubt post pics of bell wiring and panel wiring and either myself or someone else will check it & let you know.
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Hi all,

Sorry to hijack this, but thought better than creating a new thread. I've bought a Pyronix Deltabell E G2 Module to go with my Pyronix Enforcer V10. I am after some help for how to wire it up as I'm having difficulty interpreting the instructions between the Deltabell E Instructions and the Enforcer Instructions. Below is how far I've got, what else needs to be connected?

Z1 > T?

Do I need to put a resistor in anywhere?

Link from 0v in the bell box to T , wire from other T to z33 with a 2.2k resistor inline ( if you need a tamper on the bellbox )program zone 33 to tamper
Thanks Sparkymarka - so for completeness and for others who may find this thread in the future - like this?
Also the bell box wont do anything until the power as been applied and then the rear and front tamper as been pressed in. If you wire it up but don't put the back tamper screw in and lid on and just try and test it you will get nothing.
And the resistor should be connected to the Deltabell end, right? Not the Control Panel end.
I would use it for the link between - and t in the bell the orange bit in the drawing but it doesn't really matter where you put it.
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Thanks Bianco. Last question...

What about connecting engineer hold off (PGM @ the panel > ENG HOLD @ the deltabell)?

Or am I right in saying this not required as "Self Activating Engineer Hold Off" would be activated when in Engineer Menu which disables auxiliary inputs?
Engineers hold off just let you open the bell box lid without it going off in your face, I wouldn't bother with it.
Thanks - I have a spare wire, so I am going to go ahead and connect it up to avoid blowing my face off when I have to change the backup battery in a couple years!
You know you will need to program the pgm output as engineer access (58) for it to work?

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