Pyronix V10 hybrid alarm battery change?

15 Feb 2015
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United Kingdom
Hi have a pyronix hybrid V10 alarm.

Control panel is bleeping saying "control panel battery fault "

I take it I need to change the battery , with the alarm in engineers mode? I have the engineers code?

Is it as simple as simple as swapping the battery?

Currently is a 12 v 3.4 amp battery.

Would this one from.screwfix be ok? It's 12v but 3.2 amp.

Apologies realised I should have posted this in the alarms thread. Tried to change it but was unable to.



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If you click on "Report" in bottom left hand corner of a post & suggest it be transferred to another section the mods usually do it as soon as they can. Done it for you in this case.
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Thanks for the replies. Out of interest why would you recommend a 7 amp over a 3.4 amp. Pyronix seem to have 3.4 amps as stock.

What's the benefits of the 7amps?

I also note all these batteries are rechargeable, do they trickle charge in the panel or can they be recharged?

Many thanks,
The size of battery is calculated on current draw of control panel.
7.0 ah is standard size battery for 46s.
Smaller battery = less standby time.
Thanks for the reply.

Interestingly the panel reads "battery ok"

Have cleared the fault in engineer menu and the panel seems fault free for now.

Is this due to the battery recharging in the panel?? Is this a thing?

Or am I delaying the inevitable and should just put a 7amp in thanks.


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How old is the battery?
3-5 years seems to be the normal live of batteries these days.
For £20 not worth a sleepless night with warning bleeps.Just change battery.
Thanks it started chirping in the night so changed this morning with a 7amh and all hunky Dory.

The alarm has been installed since late 2018 so the battery did well to last 3.5 years. On another note I'm wondering how long the batteries on the deltabell will last?

When they start to get low will they throw up a fault code like the internal battery?

Is it a hardwired bell? Or wireless bell ?
If hardwird faulty sab battery will not cause any audible fault on alarm system,wireless bell will display fault.
It's a wired bell, thanks for the answer.

How many years do the SAB battery on a deltabell tend to go on for?

Seems like I need to get those serviced soon!
Sab battery should be OK for years.
Don't think you need service if just changed battery.
Do bell test to make sure sounder and strobe are working correctly.
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