Quick question about nailers

Probably about 50 boxes to date (circa 160k nails). That's because I don't only do 1st fix and I'm not and never will be a house basher - I'm mainly on interior fit-out which incorporates just about everything you could ever think about

Flywheels are prehistoric.
So are gas-fueled 2-stroke combustion engines. At least flywheels require less maintenance and are far less environmentally damaging than burning fossil fuels (as in gas). They also don't stink of gas!

I've lost count of how many gas nailer strip downs I've had to do over the years because the gun hadn't been serviced properly (that includes hire tools). Maintenance issues with them come up regularly on the net, too, so advising a DIYer that they are easy to maintain may be stretching it just a tad.

Let's face it, you haven't owned a DW, your work volume may not be suitable for that type of nailer in any case, and you are very biased against them without having owned one. Personally I don't like gas nailers (despite owning several) and that won't change any time soon. Gas nailers are the dinosaurs - especially if Extenction Rebellion get their way!
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Probably about 50 boxes to date
Not very many then.
We would do 2000 to 7200 shots in a single session. Sometimes with a single gun.
The pre historic dewalt doesn't hack that kind of use.
You're right. I don't own a dinosaur and never will.:D

Take your dewalt to work tomorrow and fire 6600 50mm nails into a plank non stop and tell me if it gets to the last nail intact.:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
Then for the next five days do the exact same.
If by then its still working then I might, just might consider buying one.
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Not very many then.
We would do 2000 to 7200 shots in a single session. Sometimes with a single gun.
Good luck with the vibration white finger in later life, then. The safe daily limit for Paslode 350 guns is around 3200 to 3500 nails (according to the manufacturers own web site/HSE HAVS spread sheet). I wonder if you've ever had to fill out a HAVS form. Not every joiner is nailing floors down continually - as a DIYer the OP certainly isn't, and I normally don't either because I don't do "tract" work - and as I stated, for high volume work I'd use a pneumatic nailer which will generate less vibration, less noise, will outlast any gas nailer, won't require constant stripping down and cleaning, and which won't pollute the atmosphere with burned hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide. If you really want volume then a compressor and a coil nailer is what you need, not a gas gun. I'd recommend Hitachi, Max and Makita if you're ever in the market for a proper high volume nailer which won't cripple you in later life at those volumes

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