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14 Sep 2006
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United Kingdom
I was peviously asking about this for a bathroom fan, but I've now decided to use a PIR for that purpose.

However, because of the layout in the apartment, the problem is with a second bedroom light, which although has a permanent live to it, it doesn't have a switch-wire. (Actually I've made the switch-wire a permanent live to feed the extractor fan in the en-suite ... too much detail).

Which means that one of the bedroom lights needs to be switched somehow with the other (normal) bedroom light. Don't really want to hack the ceiling out to get a switch wire across the room (flat roof).

I'm thinking is there a simple way to trigger the light with a transmitter/receiver when the other normally-switched light becomes energised?
A bit like wireless interlinked smoke alarms if you know what I mean.

Looked at the Quinetic site, but all transmitters seem to depend on the movement of a switch. Don't want to change the switches. TIA
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Use a smart bulb? The landing light I have is switched at bottom of stairs other end of hall to stairs, so to use wall switches, we turn on hall lights, walk length of hall, turn on landing lights, return to foot of stairs, turn off landing light, walk up stairs, turn on wife's bedroom light, then to other end of landing to where the stairs are, and turn off landing lights. Clearly poor design, but to fit new switches, not easy.

So today I walk to foot of stairs, say hey google turn on landing lights, walk up stairs, and say hey google turn off landing lights. I never use the switches, well some thing has gone wrong and switches don't work any more, but since I don't use them, not bothered fixing them.
Ha ha! Thanks for the reply. I can imagine the sort of response I'd get if I told the client that they've got to say "Hey Google" every time they walk in the bedroom.

Looks like I'm going to be chopping holes in the ceiling, with a bit of redecorating to follow.
... So today I walk to foot of stairs, say hey google turn on landing lights, walk up stairs, and say hey google turn off landing lights. I never use the switches, ...
Purely as a matter if interest, I wonder how much it cost to facilitate that?

Kind Regards, John
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Where we live there is no radio reception without huge exterior aerials, so the Google Nest Mini's were bought to allow us to listen to radio, think there are 7 dotted around the house, at around £30 each, always buy when on offer.

Zigbee hub again not really got for lights, but less than £30, can't remember off hand.

The relay around £14 it was used rather than smart bulbs as it allows used of wall switches as well as using the app.
In my case it is mounted inside the light, in hind sight an error, as can't easy get to it, would have been better in a box in the loft. Centre bulb is a smart bulb in it's own right, so do not need to relay for centre bulb, wife got a pair, no idea of cost.

Like I am sure most people I did not sit back and decide to automate the home, it started with a more expensive system the mihome energenie which was an attempt to control an alarm to warn us if mother went on walk about. We tried a timer, and we tried a remote control, but the smart socket combined both.

The house did not have two way switching, so smart switches, same make, allowed us to have a remote at side of bed. Would work with app and hub, but it was the remote control mainly used. Again same system did TRV heads, claimed to work with Nest, so also used them, all on same hub.

When we moved into this house, we found did not work with Nest, and we for a time expanded the system, being sold off cheap from HomeBase. However as we expanded we started to get failures, so three smart switches and one smart socket removed.

Lidi did smart bulbs, and we thought we would try one, only after buying did I realise it needed a zigbee hub, and by then sold out, so had to get one off internet.

We did in early trials have some problems, hey google turn off, which was intended to turn off music, got reply turning off 5 switches, and we were plunged into darkness, hey google turn lights back on got don't know how to do that yet, go into google home app and set it up. So never put central heating on the system. But it seems to have now learnt.

Biggest problem is grand children setting alarms and timers, they think it's funny to wake gran in middle of the night.

But we have got use to the system now, common to hear me say hey google how do you spell etc.

Must be some red kites around today, crows are complaining. Crows must be brave to tattle a kite, but the do seem to mob them and drive them off.

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