Raindance shower arm fitting

27 Mar 2005
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United Kingdom
I'm a bit baffled by the instructions on fitting a new Hansgrohe Raindance wall mounted shower arm & head (and unfortunately so are Hansgrohe technical support who I have been speaking to by phone).

These are the instructions, annotated with what I think it means:


This is what happens when I screw the shower arm into a 90 degree elbow:




There are two problems in my mind:

1: When the shower arm is fully screwed into the 90 degree elbow, with the water feed hole on that elbow facing downwards (my ibox, i.e. valve that mixes the water supply, is fitted directly below where the showerhead will go), the end of the shower arm that the shower head will attached to does not point downwards, it points off to the left and slightly upwards. I could correct this by simply not fully tightening the shower arm into the elbow, but presume that would result in leakage? But maybe this is irrelevant (see issue 2)

2. The way I am reading the instructions, they are advising me to fit the 90 degree elbow so the 1/2 inch threaded hole in it fits flush (+5mm max tolerance) with the face of the tiles on the wall. If I understand rightly, it is then telling me to measure the depth of the threaded section inside the elbow, then saw off part of the corresponding threaded section on the shower arm so that the shower arm will screw into the elbow as a perfect fit. My concern here is twofold: 1) that I am misinterpreting the instructions; and 2) if I am interpreting the instructions right, take the measurements of my elbow and saw off a section of the threaded end of the shower arm, once screwed into the 90 degree elbow, will the other end of the shower arm that the shower head is attached to actually be pointing downwards.

For info, Hansgrohe technical support said I don't need to saw anything, but then why is there a picture of a saw in the instructions?

So I'm hoping someone on here has experience of fitting these before and can advise.
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Just cut a bit of the thread off and wrap the thread with loctite 55 string. This will enable you to point the other end downward without leakage.
Im sure if you put plenty of ptfe tape around that thread, it'll tighten up before turning too far. Being just metal to metal as you have it, it's likely to leak no matter how tight.
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3 turns of GAS PTFE tape, then take it just tight enough, measure the length of the thread against the inside dimensions of the wall elbow and have it 3/4 > 4/5 of the way in with the head end in the correct orientation.

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