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Raised patio with glass roof - building regs relating to DPC

Discussion in 'Building Regulations and Planning Permission' started by WannaGetItRight, 5 Mar 2020.

  1. WannaGetItRight


    5 Mar 2020
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    United Kingdom
    Hi All. I have an old conservatory base in the garden, flush to the house, which I would like to turn into a tiled, raised patio with an overhead glass canopy roof. The idea is to maintain stepping though the French doors onto tiles level with the internal floor.

    I have read lots of posts on raised patios and the issue with the DPC having to be 150mm above ground level (or in this case the patio level) and also workaround solutions of the French drain. However, I'm not 100% clear if the French drain actually makes the project compliant - I really don't want issues if and when I sell. Having looked at the Building Regs Standard, I am also wondering if point 5.5b is my get-out clause because the patio will have a protective roof over it. I've pasted the clause below.

    Does anyone have any experience of this - specifically pertaining to covered patios and how this works with Building Regs and the DPC issue?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

  2. Tigercubrider


    22 Jul 2016
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    United Kingdom
    I don't know about regs, but could you use a disc cutter to separate the conservatory base from the house?
    Then add a grille to fill the gap?
    Either use standard drain channel or a posh stainless one. (Presumably cutting the base to fit an available grille)
  3. Can't see how with open sides rain would not blow on to the covered patio base abutting the external wall so '150mm ' dpc requirement would not be met :!: What is your French drain proposal :?:
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