Raising the height of a featheredge board fence

7 Apr 2012
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United Kingdom
I need to raise the height of a featheredge board fence. The fence currently stands at 1.5m height and I would like to raise it to at least 1.8m - preferably 2.0m. I have complete agreement with our neighbours, who we get on well with, just both of us would enjoy a little more privacy in our respective gardens.

The fence was originally 1.8m in height but was reduced in height by the former owners of our house. The posts are solid enough and sit just below the top of the existing fence; so about 1.4m in height. There are two arris rails, one at about 30cm from ground height and one at about 20cm from the top of the existing fence.

I've thought of using something like Willow screening and just nailing that to the existing fence but I think that a solid fence would be a better solution.

So questions:
Can I replace the existing boards with longer boards?
The posts are in very solidly (think they would take some digging to get them out) and measure 10cm by 13cm - will they support the extra height ok?
If I did fit longer boards how would I secure the top of the boards? I was thinking maybe a baton across the top would keep them inline.

Grateful for any advice at all :)
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the trouble you have is a 25% increase will double the load due to leverage with the more than likley outcome on a windy day although iff they where 1.8 you have probably got enough in the ground
have you thought about trellice and climbing plants
Thanks Big-all for your reply. I have thought about trellis and climbing parts but to be honest, apart from both sides of the fence being paved, both myself and my neighbours are looking for a bit of a quicker fix.

Its a good point you make about the leverage. I'm not saying I'm an expert or anything like that but in my small experience of fence posts these posts are the most secure wooden posts I've ever experienced - can't seem to move them at all! That said I appreciate I can't replicate the force of a gale on a fence panel! :)
ok further to my thoughts
you have 2 choices really rip it down and start again
or add something to the top that looks nice and fairly strong but may blow off in strong winds protecting the main fence
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Thanks again. I really don't want to rip the fence out unless I absolutely have no choice as to do so will involve pulling up two patios and possibly two sheds as well - can get between them to nail boards etc but don't think there is enough room to get in there and dig up posts.

As this fence was originally six foot I agree that the depth the posts have been sunk should be sufficient to offer enough support. I think my best plan may be to nail/screw a longer post to the existing posts and then use the top part to support the extension to the fence. That way the load of the extended fence area should be transferred to the existing post......I think!

yes that would be the plan
although to sit on top off the old fence you will have to fix an extension to the top off the old posts and in front off the new ones or the new panels must be the same width as the old panels plus one post
so if your panels are 6ft wide and the post is 3" you will need 6ft3" [not a size available]but if you used treated timber you can cut it accordingly and screw it to the face rather than the side

if you go to a wood yard you can get 3.9 treated timber will give you 2 x 6ft 3"[1908mmx2= 3816] and when you get to the end off a run you will have enough extra to go from the post center to the edge

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