Rayburn 400kpf

1 Jan 2017
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United Kingdom
Hi all,
We recently moved house that has a rayburn 400kpf. There's a couple of issues I'd like to try and resolve. Firstly when turning the Rayburn on from cold, it runs for 2-3mins then cuts off as tho upto temp. Move the temp dial down then up it starts again. But only for a minute before it cuts off again. We have to keep turning the dial up and down to get it up to temperature. I've changed the temp stat but the problem persists. Secondly. Should the powerflu outside continuously run while the mains are turned on. It never stops on 24/7. Is this correct?

Hope someone can help!
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Theres a connection on the pcb board for the fan. Either it has went faulty or someone has wired the fan to the mains.
Should be posted in plumbing.
No idea whats going on with the temperature dial. You should call an engineer before throwing parts at it.
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