22 Feb 2008
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United Kingdom
hello we have a rcd mem consumer unit all the down stairs lights tripped or so i thought went to flick the switch back on and it was already on plus the garage light went onand is on the same rcd
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err, not entirely sure what the question is?

If you mean the 'switch' for the lighting circuit was on, but the RCD tripped, that is correct assuming an earth leakage fault rather than an overcurrent fault.

It is often not necessary to have RCD protection on the lighting circuit, but if you are using an earth rod, and in some other circumstances, it is required.

If it hasn't happened again, and isn't a regular thing, I wouldn't be too concerned, it could be a lamp blowing or any number of transient issues. Its only when it happens regularly or consistently when you do something that it is normally a concern.

If you are concerned, some more information about the consumer unit, age of wiring, details of fault, etc. would be useful.

...and feel free to post some pictures. We love pictures!
When a MEM RCD trips, you have to push the switch all the way to "Off" then back up to "On".

It trips to an intermediate position.

Yes, we like photos.

p.s. do you know the difference between an RCD and an MCB?
my house is only yrs old normaly when a bulbe goes it trips it out that is what i thought happened this time but when i went to the garage the rcd was still on but lights would not go on we changed all the bulbes but no joy and the garage light was still on and its on the same one i think
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p.s. do you know the difference between an RCD and an MCB?

Quite likely you have a poor connection in one of the ceiling roses. Although you can turn the power off and look for anything loose or scorched and hopefully tighten it up (don't move any wires), if you want to do any testing or fault finding you will need a multimeter (£10 in the high street) and some electrical knowledge and aptitude.

if there is a fault in a ceiling rose, it will be either in the last one that works, or the first one that doesn't (lighting circuits run in a string, not in a ring)

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