Reading the label, and find you don't want it.

It's not lack of consideration, it's lack of understanding.
Even that berk Dr Hillary (who should know better) was saying that face coverings are more effective than social distance, and even being outdoors!

As I have posted a number of times, we stopped overwhelming the health service through social distance and sanitising ; ignoring that "because I've got me mask on" (often incorrectly, but hey ho) is a backward step.
Didn't we stop overwhelming the NHS because of lockdown?
The message is still to keep social distance and wash hands... as well as a mask.
Perhaps you're right, people are being thick as well.. The message on these things couldn't have been clearer imo, it's not rocket science.

I still think it's also lack of consideration for others - only have to see some views on masks here, or 'muzzles' as they like to put it. Wearing a mask because they have to in order to go shopping but not taking it seriously?
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The message on these things couldn't have been clearer imo, it's not rocket science.

Again as I have posted before, our firm has been fitting NHS front - liners with rpe.
Even some very clever and educated ones didn't get the concept that having a mask in itself does nothing ; it's the correct wearing of it that makes it work.

Like your place burning down, despite you having fire doors everywhere. Except that they're habitually propped open........
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We have criticised the yashmach for years, and so getting people to change their mind is going to be hard, I see nothing wrong with mask, and when I went into local electrical whole sale outlet there were a pile of masks and a notice no mack no entry which is fair enough.

Not been in an English shop, but mask not required in Wales so no masks provided in the supermarket, and the mask you wear does not protect you, but protects others from you, so really no point making it optional.
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must you wear a mask to be regarded as considerate?
Not sure the point of your question?
The whole mask wearing is to try and protect others if you've got covid and don't know it. So wearing a mask makes someone considerate of others in this case, yes of course.
I used cash the other night for the first time in a long, long while. I popped up the offie to buy a couple of Crunchies for me and Mrs Mottie. I only had my phone with me with contactless payment on it. I use it all the time, even for very small purchases in the Co-op. They wouldn’t take card payment for anything less than a fiver. I didn’t want anything else so I had to dash back outside to the car and get my parking pot of uncontaminated loose change to pay for 'em - the correct money too, I did’t want to handle any change!

Good move. Cash is ideal way of spreading. Maybe I'm paranoid, but I imagine someone with Corona (who may not even know) having a fiver in their pocket next to a snotty hanky. Then they buy something in a shop and I get the fiver 5 mins later in change. Gauranteed to catch it. I prefer cash, but it's card for now.