The council can't do a thing to stop it, but one word from you neighbour........
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The council can't do a thing to stop it, but one word from you neighbour........
That is what is unfair about the Prior Approval scheme.
On the same row, some neighbours can be OK with 6m extensions, others aren't. At least with formal planning applications, it's the council which has the final say and it takes the personalities out of the equation.

A better solution would have been to go back to the 2008 re-cast of the permitted development rules and to have made the permitted 3m length 4m instead. A 3m extension is just too short for useful space when you consider the wall thickness; 4m would be more practical.
And next week someone will post a question about how to object to the monstrosity proposed next door to them and you'll all be advising how to meaningfully object. :rolleyes::)
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Thank you everyone for your opnions I really appreciate it.

The 3m space isn't very useful (we primarily needed the 6m so we could make a room for our elderly parents downstairs) but it seems like its the only thing we can do?

Any thoughts on if an appeal would be worth it?

Or is there any way the neighbours could get in the way of us doing a 3m permitted development atleast?

Its all a bit stressful now and just eager to get something done.
You could appeal it, I believe, but why don't you just apply for planning permission, at least you can see what you might get, there's always a bit of negotiation involved during the process.
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It will take longer but, if available, I suspect the appeal route will be more successful
I wonder what the OP could appeal on?

The proposal seems to breach the 45° line (if the policy applies) and there could an element of overbearing and enclosure leading to loss of amenity, so may not get formal planning permission if applied for.
May I ask how you got on? I feel for you as I am going through the same. Two planning applications after householder notifications blocked by neighbour. I am so stressed. We don’t have a lot of money and these neighbours are determined to make us pay if we have to now apply for full planning permission. It seems to me an envious neighbour has the final word.

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