Rear outside door snags

1 Oct 2019
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I had a company fit a rear composite door and frame to replace a metal clad wood door. The company Allweatherroofline has managed to order the wrong glass, scuff the handle, fit the door so it scuffs, rubs the latch plate, the handle bar is two separate ones so that the outside handle does nothing (only the inside handle connects the latch). To open from outside the internal Yale lock allows the bolt and latch to turn when key used. Ideal if you want to lock oneself out house. Not what was promised. Also, I have a Yale's 1 star rather than 3 star lock as promised. Internet search showed 3 star might stand up to screwdrivers and hammer punch through attack better? Got 5 keys rather than 3. Which is better?

The question I have is should I expect the outside rubber frame seal to touch/press against the door when closed? Currently, the top corner 50cm vertically doesn't butt up to the rubber seal. There is a gap of 3mm-4mm. Evidence of water on tray at base of door. Excessive given outside face of door has a lip near bottom to divert water away from seal. Bottom of door seals fine.

I would expect it would seal all way around. Snag employee said frame fitted in line with lintel edge but these frame easily flex and at no time did I see a straight edge checking the frame was straight before drilling into frame. IMG_20210916_171352_3.jpg The only thing stopping draughts and sound entering is the brush frame seal in middle of frame. Water in driving rain can get in at this top corner. There is an adjoining window to top half of the door.
Attached the gap viewed from outside. Old door shown for reference.

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I assume that you've spoken to the company that installed it?

The reason for this post is because I have had an employee of the company visit and assess problems. He agreed with issues but, defended the door not fitting frame rubber seal on matching frame to edge of lintel above door. The photo looks better than reality btw.
I'm assuming its not a multipoint door lock locking at the door handle? As if it was then by pulling the handle up would enagage the locks and the door would compress against the gasket. Doesn't look like the hinges are adjustable either to be able to adjust compression. my gut feeling is either the frame is slighlty out of level or potentially that door slab is bowed...if you have one get a long level on it, a deflection of less than 5mm is deemed acceptable by most manufacturers though
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The door handle on outside does nothing pulled up or down. It is not connected to anything. A hair brain idea!

The key unlocks the bolt and latch when turned.

When handle pulled up two metal blades (top and bottom) swing into frame. I asked about the door slab pulling onto the frame before purchase and told yes, the door would do this. It doesn't.

It lacks the additional bolts/barrels that slide down or up when handle pulled up.

A 5mm gap seems a lot if the door slab isn't actually touching the rubber seals. This wouldn't do on a ship door methinks.

The 3 hinges have a plastic cover and an adjustment was made by the snag employee. An improvement but no cigar. The door slab is still rubbing the frame, scoring the plate on the inner side of the door.

When the temperatures hit 30C and direct sunlight is expanding the door slab I probably won't be able to open the door.

Anyone thinking of using All Weather Roofline, don't...

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