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29 Jan 2017
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United Kingdom
Hi, experienced Gas safe enginears.
I just recently qualified/got registration.

Could you please to share Ideas how to start small business in Great London for me?

CP12/Land lord safety check for Letting Agences?
Advertisment onto my Van about boiler installations?
Anything else?

Many thanks for your help.!
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Industry is saturated with gas/plumbing/heating bods..
PAYE would be a better choice.
Thank you.

PAYE - is it system of relations with bigger business?

Something like part time (when needed),
without Permanent Contract.?
Thank you.

PAYE - is it system of relations with bigger business?

Something like part time (when needed),
without Permanent Contract.?
Have you recently qualified via an apprenticeship John?..possibly you worked alongside an experienced engineer?
How long have you been in the trade?...I'm only asking these questions in order to get a better understanding of your background.
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PAYE Pay (tax) As You Earn

Basically you work for a company and they deduct income tax from your wages before you get them. So baic that if you don't know what PAYE is then you may have a rapid learning task if you want to set up business.

Work for a recognised company to gain experience in the practical reality of the trade for a year or more and then look at going self employed.
If you want to be self-employed, or run your own limited company, you can either do your own tax work (which is not difficult once you know how, provided you have an aptitude for such things) or there are any number of High-Street Accountants who will do it for you. Make sure it is one with plenty of independent trader clients, they will know the drill. Keep up to date with your tax payments. Spending the money in the hope that more will arrive before due date can lead to bankruptcy.

Don't try to sail close to the wind or use an accountant who tries to get away with stuff. HMRC are very unforgiving and will plague you for years to come if they see anything fishy.

It is an advantage to be on PAYE if you want to apply for a mortgage or a loan. There are some umbrella companies who you can pay to do your accounts, and will give you the status of salaried employee.
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Many thanks for kind respond.

I am around 12 years in construction as Handiman, everything was fine on the construction sites and with customers.

Then I desided to upgrade my qualifications and now is a new start.

During my study I was on the work placement around 1 year and got some useful skills and understandings.

Now I am visiting 1 day free courses with different boiler manufuctureses.
From day one - I took everything seriosly about Safety and so on.

I new that it was 5 (!) Years apprentiship in this industry.

Step by step - we all build our qualification.

Hopefully I will be useful on this Forum as well.
(Even with my Stupid questions...)
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F 75 it is probably Vaillant.

1. Listen does pump running properly and enoght pressure.
2. Release air from rads.
3. Check expantion vessel.
John - don't stoop to their levels and entertain their needless questioning of your ability. It's a shame but many of the experienced plumbers on here are bitter and twisted about one thing or another. Not to mention being against anyone who might be able to do the same job as them.

Congrats on becoming qualified and I wish you all best finding work.
Many thanks, Penguin 16.
Life is difficult.

But I try to get a lessons from everything.
And to test "new comers" - it is very often happens.
Excuse my English.

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