Refurb metal windows?

3 Aug 2005
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Surrey Hills
United Kingdom
I am planning a refurb of the property. I have currently metal windows, with diamond leaded glass.

As a ballpark, what would it cost to roughly refurb these windows & upgrade to double glazed (with no lead) per window?
[FYI There are 13 window similar to the picture - 5 singles, 3 doubles, 4 triples, 1 quad).

What is the process? Take out glass, wire brush frame to remove old paint, repaint, re-glaze? And who would normally do the frame clean /paint? Glazier or decorator?

Is it possible top fit locks to these windows?

Many thanks.

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If they were single glazed originally, there may not be room to fit double glazing

Normally the frames were galvanised to protect them, be careful if stripping back
New windows will be quicker, Cheaper, More thermally efficient and more secure
Crikey! I had assumed replacing glazing with a tidy of the paintwork would be much simpler than full replacement of the frames.

My guesstimate was c£300 for refurb v c£1000 each for replacement wood/metal windows (i.e. £3,900 v £13,000 for 13units).

(Double glazing should fit as some of the rear windows have been done by previous owner. Looks like 4-4-4 - is there a way to tell?)
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The main problem is those windows are not designed to take a double glazed unit. No drainage, Rebates are not deep enough for a proper edge seal or for ventilation around the unit. And how do you protect the outside edges of the units from UV rays?
You could go ahead with you proposal but I would put £100 on it that at around half the units would have broken down in 1-5 years. Do you really want to be replacing these for the rest of your life?

I would avoid timber windows, Modern wood is just rubbish in my opinion.
I wouldn't have Aluminum in my house except for bifolding doors. Its more for commercial buildings really or if you have tiny windows where you must have that extra 15mm of glass. (Coming from a guys that used to make them).

I notice PVC isnt on your list? Is it a conservation area or listed building?
There are some stunning PVC windows and colour options nowadays! Have a google of "Eurocell Modus" "Residence 9" etc

Secondary glazing is an option too but they are about 2/3rds of the cost of PVC and not as good.
nothing wrong with a bit of heritage aluminium

Its only the thermal conductivity of aluminum that I'm bashing. Maybe also the cost at being about 3x the price of PVC.
Yes they look good, Slim slightlines and are strong. But the internal face will always be cold and will condensate.

Also they are usually externally beaded which I just dont trust, I have fairly easily whipped out the beads from outside of a few makes (older ones granted) but with no damage to the windows, If I was willing to damage the windows I could probably get them out of any make.

Having said all that have you seen Durations new ones? Made to replicate Crittal windows. They look good.
Had a chance at the weekend to take some photos in the light. Front (single glazed) that I am proposing on changing, and Rear (double glazed) that will be removed as part of the demolishing before extending - these illustrate that double glazing (4-4-4?) can be retro fitted.

I don't disagree that it would be best to replace the front windows. Just trying to find a compromise as 12 windows on the front feels like iot would be a big extra cost.

Front : Single Glazed :

Rear : Double Glazed :
As I said feel free to do it if you want but consider yourself lucky on any double glazed unit that lasts more than a year in those windows. They will break down and mist up and noone will honer a guarantee when they know how they have been fitted.

Considering (for pretty standard PVC windows) that the glass is half the cost of the windows it will cost you far more doing this in the long run.
Also, your frame will still be freezing cold, such thin DG units will be cold. Generally you will remain cold.
Went into a local Residency 9 supplier today. Pretty impressed with the product. Will be getting a quote!

Pros: looks like a well made high quality product, does look 'quite' like wood frames, nicely style.

Cons: frames are quite chunky (113mm at side, 165mm mullions) meaning loss of light/view.
Also 95 MM front to back so may have to hack plaster line back. What about the r7.

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