Remeha Avanta 18v

5 Oct 2020
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United Kingdom
Good morning !

I have a Remeha Avanta 18v Gas boiler installed 9 years ago which is used as a standby when log burner not operating. It is on LPG and worked perfectly last year. In anticipation of using it more this winter starting in November, I tried to start it up this weekend to check all well. I checked all the usual things and switched on. It went through it’s 3 minute purging cycle and then attempted to fire. It made its 5 attempts then shut down displaying E4. The manual indicates a gas flow problem but also refers to ionisation current. I couldn’t check ionisation current as there wasn’t an established flame. However I cleaned the electrodes and tried again. Still E4. I had a new electrode set left over from previous service kit so tried that. Still E4. The ignition transformer must be working as it lights the gas and then after about 3-4 seconds the gas valve shuts and the flame goes out with a slight whoosh. I am thinking that the part of the ignition unit which monitors the ionisation current may be at fault or is there another part of the controller which reads this current.
The gas safe engineer who installed the boiler is retired and before I engage another engineer who I don’t know I would like to hear any views or advice you out there might offer.
Thank you
Simon D
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I didn't really read all of your post but as soon as you mentioned E4 fault, you need an engineer. It can be quite involved.
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