Removed wood chip paper what should I use for a bass coat

28 Sep 2009
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United Kingdom
I have just stripped wood chip from one of my bedrooms and I now want paint it cream. I am going to sand it down tomorrow ad sugar soap the walls.

Will I need to do a bass coat and if so how?

Thanks for the help
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Are you down to bare plaster, or had the walls been previously painted (ie under the woodchip)?
Down to a orange looking lining sheet / plaster behind this is bare wall.

Thank for any help
Unless the orange lining paper is in very good condition with no uneven patches, loose areas, lumps or rips, I would be inclined to remove that too, sand down the wall until smooth*, mist coat any bare plaster then apply three coats of whatever paint you propose to use.

* If this would be a labour of Hercules, re-line with Wallrock fibreliner then paint.
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I am going to try and paint over the orange paper when I have sanded the wall smooth.

Do I need a mist coat first or can I paint on the walls straight away? I am using one coat paint.
Just read this again that I should use three coats of paint. I have already bought the one coat so can I use a few coats of this?
Just mist coat any bare plaster and filler. There are no rules on how many coats of paint it will take to cover, just a case of as many as it takes. If its a neutral colour your painting with then you could always put a coat of white on first to save money on the colour.
Thanks for your help what mix would you advise for the mist coat
If you want a really professional finish you do not want to be painting onto walls which are part bare plaster (whether or not you mist coat it) and partly covered with orange lining paper (?).

You need to start either with plaster, well sanded and mistcoated, OR smooth lined walls, not a mixture.

I agree that a coat of cheap white emulsion will help keep the cost down if you are overcoating it with a pale colour in an expensive make. But anything orange/red will take three coats (at least); it's the hardest colour to cover.

And anything calling itself 'Once' or 'One Coat' is lying and should be shunned!

If you tell us the dimensions of the room inc. the height, we will tell you approx how much paint you will need per coat.
I do agree that if there is paper on the wall then remove it really wouldn't be to much work and you will end up with a nicer looking finish.

Also no possibility of the paper lifting in the future.
Absolutely. And I would be amazed if anything left on a wall after woodchip has been removed is worth keeping. Painted woodchip is a pig to strip. I've just spent the best part of three days ridding a large room of the stuff (stuck on with whale-glue I reckon and overpainted with green gloss - bleeeuuughhhh). Primeval screams. It was inch by inch in some places. The wall underneath was actually reasonable though - no idea why they put woodchip on in the first place!

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