Removing gable end wall in a loft conversion.

21 Oct 2012
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United Kingdom
I am fortunate that I have open outlooks at our gable end. I intend getting full Planning Permission for our loft conversion. There will be a large wallplate dormer supported by steels and a goal post arrangements at each of the cheeks bolted to the new steel Ridge.

We hope to put a some glazing areas on the gable and it will be relatively easy to remove the whole parapet (above ceiling level) gable which is standard construction cavity brick and rendered wall. Strangely there are no tension straps connecting the roof structure to the gable which is a little concerning but it is pretty solid nonetheless.

Given that there will be 3 large openings in the gable parapet, it seems sensible to remove it all and rebuild it with the same construction as the dormer, ie, timber frame with rigid insulation and battened and tiled on the external vertical face the same as the dormer cheeks.

We will be completely re roofing and installing breathable membrane and the dormer will be shed style with a flat roof.

Does this sound practical and reasonable?

Many thanks.
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The gable cavity looks like this:

It had a cast in situ verge under the tiles.

I was hoping to create something like this but with more glazed areas.

It just seems sensible to take the brickwork down and have a timber frame the same as the dormer with rigid insulation.

I would support the ridge steel with a steel universal colum bolted on to a padstone on the gable at wallplate level.

Just never seen it done on any of the loft conversions Ive seen - even hip to gables usually have brick cavity walling built up above the existing walls.
I find your post confusing:

you already have scaffolding up, but you dont yet have a plan to work to? If you dont have a drawing then you've not been thro BCO etc.

You propose a pic googled off the net that looks "something like" that you have in mind. Why not, as a start, post pics of what is existing?

What is "cast in situ"?
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I should explain. The scaffolding is mine and is parked around my house as there are no jobs planned for it until next Easter. I am 'tickling round the edges of the house' exposing the various construction details before I finish the drawings and submitting for planning permission.

I also wanted the SE and the steel supplier to see the external wall detailing close up and allows sizes to be lifted before I put the finishing touches to the drawings.

It is all progressing at a leisurly pace at the minute and I have not removed anything that could not be construed as a 'maintenance issue' with my neighbours and the authorities.

The cast-in-situ reference was the "cast" verge embedding the Rosemary tiles - which will be coming off in favour of Concrete interlocking small format tiles. I am proposing to increase the overhang at the gable by around 8" unlike the image I have linked above which has the shortest of overhangs and looks a bit strange.

Hope that helps.
Why not do us a sketch of your proposed gable end glazing, then this thread might actually move forward cos at the mo its still a bit of a muddle.

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