hip/gable loft conversion materials cost first fix

30 Mar 2008
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Harrow, London
United Kingdom
I want to convert a semi-detached hipped roof to gable with dormer to first fix; total floor area 5.4m x 5.75m.

I've been quoted about 30k from a loft company for labour + materials to first fix. I've not yet had a private builder quotation, but, if using a private builder, I'm trying to understand how much i should budget for the equivalent first fix materials:
- scaffolding
- support beams/flooring
- dormer timbers, tiles, and roof
- gable blockwork and cavity wall
- Windows double-glazed white uPVC:
velux windows x2 (980x780mm)
gable window x1 (600x1050mm)
french doors x1 (2000x1500mm) + glass balustrade
standard window x1 (1200x1050)
- stairs 12 tread/13 rise (pine)

Obviously i'm only looking for a rough guide, so that i can work out whether it's worth going with a private builder.

Thanks in advance!
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Perhaps i should rephrase my question:
- What would be a typical (non-loft company) labour and materials charge for the structural (first fix) part of such a conversion?
No one on here's gonna work out a price, they'll just have a stab, there's no such thing as a typical loft conversion, far too many variables, if you want accurate prices you'll have to show you're serious and pay for a good set of working drawings that builders can actually price. Otherwise you're just another punter with a pipe dream. Be extremely wary of using a loft conversion specialist. For what it's worth I expect the price you've had so would not be too far off.
I understand that, and i do actually have architect drawings (though not yet structural specs). All i'm looking for is a rough guide as to what i should expect to pay for materials - hence the list in the OP.

Why exactly should i be wary of a loft conversion specialist? And what do you mean by "I expect the price you've had so would not be too far off."?

Thanks again!
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Because 'loft conversion specialists' generally use their own SE's and their own Inspectors and they use their own Inspectors because those Inspectors often turn a blind eye to shoddy work, they know which side their breads buttered. Unfortunately loft conversion specialists seem to be up there with crappy conservatory fitters or damp specialists and the like, they talk the talk, wow you with bullshit, charge a lot and then do a crappy job. The forums seen plenty of unsuspecting clients left high and dry.

Regards the price I expect you won't be far off with that price for getting to first fix. Down this neck loftys come in at around £25-35k finished, but you've got a gable to throw up, extensive roof alterations, a balcony by the sounds of it and you're in the SE.
The price for loft conversions will vary as will the material costs. You say you have a set of drawings produced by an architect....If he/she is a member of RIBA then they should be able to give you a good idea of what the cost should be.

Just some of the basic costs and variables.

Roof tiles? cheap concrete interlocking at say £6-10m2 or plain tiles at £50-60m2
Slates? cheap fibre cement at a 80p each or real slate at £5 plus
Flat roof covering? Asphalt? Hot melt or burn-on felt? GRP or EDPM?
Staircase? Straight flight or winders? With or without spindles? square or barley twist?
There are loads of other considerations to take into account. Can the contractor store materials on site? Where can they park the van? How much is the meter going to cost? London congestion zone? Skip licence fees?

I've done basic board over lofts with a velux to spiral oak staircases double conversions, ranging from £15,000 to over £100,000. A few months back we drew up some drawings for a three bedroom two ensuite loft conversion!

So how lons your piece of string?

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