Removing Sludge with MagnaClean

15 Oct 2022
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United Kingdom
Hi All, I have a MagnaClean Professional2 installed on my unvented system boiler. After four years of use my radiators have started to get cold spots.

Can I use the filter like a mini Magnacleanse? So put a cleaner into the system, let it circulate for a few hours, vibrate the radiators, then periodically clean the filter of magnatite.

Should I part drain the radiators to allow space in the radiators for the magnatite to dissipate into when I vibrate them?

Then once all the radiators clean, drain the system, flush with clean water to remove the cleaner then refill and add inhibitor.

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Have you opened the canister to see how much magnetite has been held in the MagnaClean?
In my opinion - no. The last thing you want is to risk deliberately allowing all that crud and magnetite circulating through your boilers fine passages, it will block them and wreck your boiler. That is the whole point of fitting a filter, to help prevent that.
I’d get someone to diagnose the fault before committing yourself to fruitless attempts of curing the problem.
Could just be down to lack of circulation causing it. Weak pump , motorised valve malfunction etc.
Is the system noisier than usual?
I come across systems piped in plastic with metal liners which attract iron oxide and gradually throttle the system.
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If you are looking to clean your system, you really need to take the boiler out of the equation and clean that separately. Don't try to just use the mag filter whilst the system runs. If you have a separate filling loop then by all means run cleaner through the system but when it comes to doing the cleaning, then you want to flush everything through and out through a drain etc.

You don't want to run the risk of debris getting past the filter and into the boiler.

If you have cold spots, take that rad off and out and flush it with a hose through all 4 ends and see how much crud is washed out.
Unvented 4 year old system i doubt very much it will be sludge

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