Removing viruses and malware

7 May 2011
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United Kingdom
Apologies for all these posts.. But, i've installed avg, spybot, and malware bytes. With windows defender running too. I wanted to setup the above programs to auto delete any viruses or malware. i got a warning from spybot it could damage healthy files by mistake if i use the auto delete feature. Should i set the other programs to auto fix or delete or to quarantine? If so, how can i check if i'm going to remove a healthy file by mistake.. Do i basically google the potential virus or malware first?
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first of all you should disable windows defender, it is less than useless and it will interfere with avg.

you should deal with viruses on an individual basis, personally i would use malwarebytes once a week and use the remove all selected button after doing a FULL scan. the spybot disclaimer is simply that, i have never had it remove anything "healthy" or even had any detremental effects from it, but use malwarebytes OR spybot not both.
WinDef is a 'real-time' anti-spyware application and AVG is a 'real-time' anti-virus application; They both work together in harmony.

Having Spybot and Win Def working is a good idea because no antispyware program can ever have every definition and so some spyware may get past one but the other may detect it.

Is your MBAM the free or Paid-for version?
With the free version you do not have real-time protection but update the definitions weekly and then run a QUICK scan. Let it remove anything it finds. You only need to run a FULL scan if your computer is playing up or you suspect some malware is onboard.
A quick scan only takes two to three minutes.

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