Renault Laguna 1.6 Starter Problem


28 Oct 2007
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United Kingdom
Got a bit of a problem!

Just under a year ago my starter motor failed and was replaced by a brand spanking new one. Due to the stupid French piece of junk you need to take the driveshaft off to get access to the starter motor which made it a lot more complex. Therefore instead of a 10 minute job it was a £300 job :evil:

So, over the last month I have started to experience problems starting. I've ruled out all the obvious things like battery and such like and it is again coming down to the starter I think.

The symptons are pretty much that it starts most times first try and has started each morning so far. It always seems to be leaving my work that is the problem and I get just a click of the solenoid. Sometimes if I hold the key in the full position for a few seconds it will eventually start to turn. Sometimes I might have to do this say 20 times before it eventually turns the starter. More often than not if it does not start it needs a push.

So to my questions!

1) Given the symptons how likely is this the starter motor itself thats the problem?
2) Given that the driveshaft has been out twice in the last year for various repairs, and I should have most of the tools, how difficult will it be to remove the driveshaft?
3) Any other suggestions as to what it might be. Can it just be the solenoid on the starter that requires replacing for example.

Any help will be greatfully appreciated. I really dont want to be paying £1000 in total this year to keep the car on the road!
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The first thing I would check is that none of the electrical connections, including the earthing straps on engine, battery and bodywork, have not turned green and furry.

A high resistance connection anywhere in the starter circuit could mean it can't deliver enough 'juice' to spin the motor over.

IIRC some starter solenoids do require 'timing', so the starter delivers it's full torque only when the pinion is fully engaged with the ring gear.
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