Renault megane Engine management light

24 Aug 2007
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United Kingdom
Can any one help me????
I have bought Renault megane 1.6 2001 with 86K
i have servised it last week and it was working fine. Today morning while driving engine management light came on.
The garage where i have servised the car, had changed just the spark plug rest all things where fine.
Is it the probmle bcoz of improper gap maintain in the spark plug? or used wrong spark plugs
or anything else
Any suggestion please
thank you
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I'd get the car plugged into a diagnostic scanner. It's possibly a loose connection on one of the coilpacks or something though
coil packs are a common failure. Maybe they disturbed it enough to make it fail when they changed the plugs. Ask them if they will put it on their diagnostic computer for free. Is it running OK, or are their other symptoms. Faulty Coil packs usually cause misfires/ power loss.
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Bet its either coil packs or post cat O2 probe, if its the latter then its more likely to be engine loom corrosion which will be visable as green corrosion at the post CAT O2 sensor 4 pin plug, this corrosion needs sorting, unfortunatly it usualy travels up the wire right into the engine bay.