renault megane scenic wiring schematic?

16 Feb 2007
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
ok so a long shot..
after much googling I can't find a wiring scematic for a W reg renault megane scenic 2.0L online anywhere..
does anyone out there have one, know where to find one online, or is willing to scan the one out of the haynes manual for me? :)
I'm on a tight budget and can't really justify £19.99 to buy the haynes manual just to diagnose and fix the electric wing mirrors....
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If you pop the controller out have you got 12v between red B3 and black A2?
Autodata says it is fed from F10 (15A) but it might just be a generic description.
I was hoping to check the fuse first, but they aren't labled as wing mirror and some are writing in what I assume is french..
which one is F10??? :)
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but the front fogs work.. so it's not a fuse..
means it's the switch then I suppose..
odd that it breaks within a week of me test driving the car...
he did have another car the same in there....

I'll go pop the switch out and see if there's a feed to it..
Seems to have gone dramatically for a tiddly laal electrical connection :eek:
Might be worth looking for a scrapper and robbing the switch and the connector then using butt splice crimps to connect it in.

If you pm me your email addy I will send you the wiring diagram for the mirrors and the fuse box description in pdf.
after a bit of googling it seems that it's a known fault with 2000-2001 scenics..
renault even issued a recall to fix it, but i guess the one previous owner never got the call..
I registered with "my renault" and up popped a message that my car had a "quality" recall.. not a safety one despite the risk of fire in the door..

it's the heated mirror wires that melt.. why they run them through a 2A switch and not direct to the mirrors is beyond me.. it's not like the switch actually turns on the heaters, they come on with the rear screen heater..
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