Repairing a sandstone block at front of house.

26 Nov 2005
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United Kingdom

Hi All

I am in the process of purchasing the above property, as you can see where the red outline is, this sandstone type block/brick effect has been chipped.

I am just after some advice on the best way to repair this.
If I was to nail a small horizontal and vertical piece of wood to make up the corner would cement stick to this sandstone if it has been keyed?

Or do I need to use a different method for repair?

I am a noob as they say - done plastering and made templates and stuff at college but I have not done outside stuff.

Any help or feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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The block in question is known as a quoin. Looks like a hefty bit of damage.
Out of interest are these quoins, a full block built into the wall or just a facia?
To repair, it may take two or three applications, but you can as mentioned build some form work around this piece, and build it up, I would personally not only form a key but as install some pins in the area to be repaired to help hold it.
You may have a problem matching it identically to the others, so it would be worth considering, cleaning the rest of them up and masonry paint them all.
Thanks very much for the reply.

At a guess I would say that they are facias, we have under 28 days to complete on the property, I will go and take another look tomorrow.

The brick extension at the front is built out from the sandstone house, I understand the method of pinning it makes a lot of sense and I guess that layering the applications will prevent sagging and cracking if I tried to fill the area in one go.

We will be looking at painting them all a different colour so that will help to match it in better when repaired.

Would I be better using a render mix with some lime or would you go with a similar mix as when building a wall I.E. 4 parts building sand to 1 part cement.

Thanks again for any help - quoin I had never heard that mentioned before I will google it and find some more about these.

It looks like there's a wire coming out where some numpty BT engineer has used an SDS drill from within and blown the surface off.

You could also chisel the whole lot off and cut a piece of sandstone to fit.

BTW. Nitromorse will get rid of that red paint.
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If they are facia only, I would consider Joe's option of removing and replacing with new.
They are lots of different ways and mixes that could repair the damage, do you know If the quoin is a GRC or even GRP product as these could be complicated repairs.
do you know If the quoin is a GRC or even GRP product as these could be complicated repairs.

Sorry I do not understand the phrase GRC - GRP
I went to view the property again today and had a close look at the area in the photograph.

It turns out that the brick extension has sandstone blocks which have been covered over by the facia.

I could see where screws have been used to hold the facia's in place.
I guess I could look at replacing the lot with something different - providing we get the property, it is in the process of going through, so 2-3 weeks it should be ours.

Thanks again for the reply's, there are other horror stories inside, so I know where to come when I need some advice.


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