Replacing a stopcock

29 Dec 2018
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United Kingdom
Hias.ive posted here a few times now it seems this is best place to ask

Getting plumbing work done as we speak , my stopcock is knackered basically but the plumber that did my central heating system said that it's concreted in and he could attempt to remove it but it could cause all kinds of issues

The electrics are getting done now too and the sparky soon wants to earth to the water supply. But it seems silly if I have s stop Tap that doesn't function (won't turn)

Should I seek another local plumber? To see if he can do something or is it just one of those things?

Also, I can see my stop Tap outside but I'm assuming this could be for mine and neighboring houses, so I guess I'm not allowed to turn it off as I don't know when other work might be getting done i.e kitchen and bathroom replacement, I want to pull it all out but can't until stop Tap is sorted


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You could leave it in place , as long as its seized in the open position ,and just fit another one just above it.
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The electrics are getting done now too and the sparky soon wants to earth to the water supply
As far as i am aware, it is no longer good practice, nor up to code to use the cold mains pipework as a grounding point for the mains electrics in a house as there is now a lot of plastic mains pipes or they could be replaced with plastic at some time in the future It should all be done through the supply itself or if that isn't an option, a bespoke earthing post placed into the ground. I would ask that question in the electrical forum though just to be sure. If that is the case & you electrician is adamant that he wishes to use the cold mains to earth your electrical system, I'd be getting a second opinion.

Your outside mains tap may or may not be shared with a neighbour, you would need to check to see if the neighbours have their own. Again the plumber should be able to advise.
It is true that metal pipes are not allowed to be used as the only earth for an installation.

However, because the pipe is earthed by being in contact with the ground, it must be bonded to the earth of the electrical installation.

A new stopcock or whether there are plastic pipes or fittings within the premises is irrelevant.

If the supply pipe is plastic then the bonding is not required.
Looks easy enough to change to me.

..and easy to me as well. I'm no plumber but I wouldn't hesitate to change it. A bit of heat on those nuts will help. Best to find out which houses the external stop tap supplies sooner, rather than later.
Thanks all
Have asked a couple plumbers to give me quote as the first one didn't seem to want to touch it for some reason which confused me

Spoke to my water supplier and they said I was fine to shut off the water from outside so have done that

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