Replacing fluorescent strip lights

29 Sep 2009
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United Kingdom

My Wife wants to rip out the fluorescent strip lights from the kitchen ceiling and replace them with normal lights, most likely spotlights.

As I've never done anything with fluorescent strip lights I have what I guess is a simple question. Is there any difference in the wiring for a fluorescent strip light over 'ordinary' lights or is this just a case of taking down the old fluorescent strip lights and wiring up the new fittings of my Wife's choice?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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a straight forward job, will probably need a bit of filler for the old fixing holes left in the ceiling. :)

Thanks for that, think I can handle a bit of filler! Just didn't want to start the job, get half way through and find that the wiring element was anything more complex than attaching the wires to the correct places.
Choose your fittings wisely, we have some GU10 CFl lights in our kitchen that take a while to warm up, its not so bad as i've under cabinet lighting to flick on and off if I am only going to be in the room a few seconds.

They emit an irritatingly dull light for around 60 seconds from being switched on.
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But why do you want to replace a perfectly good light source with a type of light that is completely hopeless for the job of illuminating a work area.

Also, did you never hear about conservation of enery?

Each one of those poxy downlights will consume as much energy as your existing fluo tube does - and you'll probably need at least 8 downlights.

Oh. last and (not at all least) the work you are contemplating is notifiable - do read this because you will need to inform your local authority (and pay a wedge) before you even start. READ ME NOW

PS sorry if I'm a little terse. Stupid woman backed into my motor today so I'm just sitting here looking for someone to pick on - and thats you :evil:

Mrs. Faradayski once reverse into a JCB, i mean could she have picked anything bigger or painted in a brighter yellow??!!!FFS

I don't think the OP was referring to recessed D/Ls, just spotlights ( possibly bar type?) should be a straight swap.
My Wife wants to rip out the fluorescent strip lights from the kitchen ceiling and replace them with normal lights, most likely spotlights.
Fluorescent striplights are normal lights.

But not the most aesthetically pleasing, I agree.

The clue to the problem with spotlights lies in their name. Do you want to light up all of the kitchen, or just spots in it?

I don't blame you for wanting shot of the strips, but assuming you just want something to light the room, i.e. not a fitting you can admire for its own sake, why not just put a few lights of this sort of design in:


Neat, unobtrusive (about 8" square), efficient, won't collect grease, cobwebs and dead moths.

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