Replacing Lead Banding with Lead Flashing (Conservatory)

22 Dec 2023
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United Kingdom

I've read a good number of posts about this subject on here and have encountered what appears to be a regular problem i.e. the lead banding which runs along the join between the conservatory and house is leaking. It is a good old age and from what I've read here I understand that lead flashing is the way forward. What I can't seem to find is what sort of price I should be expecting to pay to do the work!

It's only a small conservatory, so it's unlikely there'd be much more than 3m worth of work and I've been told scaffolding would not be needed. The only estimate I've had so far has been at £400 for half a day. I can't seem to find a great many people willing/able to do the work so just wanted some guidance as to whether this was reasonable and what I should be looking for to make sure the job is done properly.

Thank you.
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