Repositioning oven cable outlet and isolator?

Discussion in 'Electrics UK' started by mkilpatr, 15 Nov 2021.

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    I'm preparing various channels in the wall ready for the new kitchen wiring and some plastering. The new kitchen will be installed pretty soon.

    We have an oven and a combi microwave/oven above it in a single tower and this will be replicated in the new kitchen but moved about 15cm to the right. Immediately to the left will be 300m wide base drawer unit and to the left of that an 800mm base unit with the gas hob.

    The existing oven cable outlet is right where the join between the 800mm and 300mm units will be, so that seems rather undesirable. The microwave is connected via a surface mounted standard 13A socket taken from a ring main, and also hidden nearby.

    I've also got to make good the wall around the isolator switch - it's a mess where the tiles used to be and it needs a new back-box for a new MK isolator. The circuit is on a 40A RCBO.

    The questions are:

    Is it always sensible (or a requirement) that the oven cable outlet is behind a base unit to one side of an oven tower or can I chase channels for new 6mm2 cables in the wall such that it can be behind the tower unit itself?

    If I can do that, should I position it low down, behind the bottom drawer of the tower? I'm assuming directly behind the oven may be a bad idea as the clearance is only 30mm or so? Or up behind the microwave where the clearance behind is 80mm?

    Is there any reason why I shouldn't put the microwave on the same circuit from the isolator with a socket also behind the tower unit?

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  3. sparkwright


    20 Aug 2009
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    A cooker outlet can go wherever you like - directly behind the oven is most usual, as it will be fully accessible when the oven is pulled out.

    You could connect a socket to the cooker wiring for the microwave.

    You could fit a cooker panel in a nearby cupboard, so you can control the oven from there, and also plug the microwave in there too.

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