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Yes, not to answer people who ask what your new years resolution is
to finish this blasted house so that i can spend more time fishing
Yeah. To lose weight.

My health problems in '06 mean I have to or face a grim future. My condition (Myasthenia Gravis) may have to be treated with steroids.

Steroids, as you may know, are appetite stimulants. If I'm to go on those, I need to be a reasonable weight to start with.

I can't go on steroids weighing 129Kg's.... :cry:
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markie said:
Has anyone made a new years resolution ? :LOL:
To stop smoking (again).

Several failed attempts under my belt, but come hell or high water Shaun and I both have to quit before the ban comes in in July, because given a choice between smoking and going to the pub, it's very clear which we'd both prefer!