Ridge vents - Is it a serious job to install?

24 Nov 2008
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

Im trying to create ventilation in the attic for insulation.

I need soffit vents and ridge vents.

Soffits are easy enough but if there is no ridge vent, can i do anything myself to create it? Or do i need a roofer? :confused:

I havent got a gable wall and i dont want a roof vent so ridge is my last resort
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if you have soffit vents, what makes you think you need ridge vents?

is there a crossflow of air, i.e. soffit to soffit? or is the roof a lean-to?
I dont have soffits yet, Im going to make them soon.

I just figured that the ridge vents were necessary for the warmer air to rise and escape. Having revised this, i think they're only necessary in warmer climates ie, where there is a lot of hot air that that needs to escape from behind the insulation and sarking.

its a coupled roof, theres no crossflow as of now. can i create one to negate the need for an escape/ridge vent? soffit to soffit.
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if i understand you correctly...your asking are the soffit vents going to be small, every second soffit or so. Or run the whole length of the house.

I dont know whats best for my house but i reckon one every soffit will guarantee no moisture build up

As far as im aware soffit vents suck up fresh air and the roof/ridge vents dispell heat and moisture. that would mean the higher vents are necessary, right?
it is important that moist air is exchanged for dryer fresh air. heat, per se has nothing to do with it.

it may be that it is more efficient to create a current of air whereby the cool air enters low down in exchange for the expulsion of warm air high up.

so long as air can be admitted and expelled then you will be ok. it is important that there are vents on opposing roof elevations so that the movement of air across the roof will create high and low pressure at opposing vents - hence air in and air out.
i concur.

Im guessing then that a ridge vent would be useful in exhausting the moisture.

Im calling a roofer to get an estimate on the ridge vent. I may only need a few individual vents but its more likely the continuous system is required. Im not sure about the hip rafters and their ventilation.

any ideas on that?

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