Rigifix vs Dryline Pro ffor Dot and Dab wall

12 May 2011
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United Kingdom
hi all

I recently put up a curtain rail and used the included kit (normal 8mm nylon raw plug and screws)

anyway i have just fitted some heavy velvet curtains and the brackets are holding but can see the raw plugs starting to come out due to the weight

being a novice i did not think about the dot and dab wall until researching today on the internet. We have 12.5mm plasterboard, which is skimmed, plus the cavity, i reckon 50mm length before hitting the brick?

so now i have 3 holes which are 8mm each and i need some fixings to use to hold the brackets and heavy velvet curtains

ive come to the conclusion that its between Rigifix vs Dryline Pro

Dryline Pro sounds perfect but the screws used are 7.5mm and the holes i already have made are 8mm, would this still work? or is there any way of getting it to work?

my other alternative is to use the Rigifix M6 but will mean making the holes bigger to 12mm

any ideas? or alternatives?

thanks in advance!
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