Ripping CD music with Windows Media Player

6 Oct 2006
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United Kingdom
I seem to have a problem with Windows Media Player when i try to rip multi CD albums.

The 1st CD rips OK, then when i put the 2nd CD in Windows Media Player can't seem to understand that the title is the same but IT IS DISK 2, so it copys the music from CD 2 with the track info from CD 1. :evil:

Is there a way to sort it out so the software can understand there are 3 CD's in the album or maybe someone can advise a better music software package for playing/ripping/sync to MP3 player.

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I have been using Windows Media Player a lot lately, to back up my CD collection to an external hard disc.

When I have multi CD's with the same overall title, WMP just rips them with the main title and then disc 1, disc two suffix etc. So for me there has not been a problem.

Does this happen with all your dual or triple disc titles?
Yes, sad to say it does.

It's like it gets all confused 'bless it', but with a one disk album no problems.

I dont really like the windows media set up either, i think i'd rather have something else better.....any ideas?
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doesnt sync to a mobile device, but I use Exact Audio Copy, free, uses database stuff for track listings, and can compensatew for skipping scratched CDs
I'm trying Real player now to see if it works better, at least it ripped a 3 disk album with the correct track info, but i'm yet to try and sync it to my MP3 player (Sandisk Sansa).
I've found that some albums have incorrect track nos or the song titles don't get copied when converted to mp3. Also different players can read the info in different ways.

Most of this can be rectified by using 'tag&rename' which can be downloaded from thepiratebay. It has a facility to connect to a database that has the correct track and title info.