Rising damp coming through chipboard on concrete floor

so the bubble is not visible?

can you see anything turning when water flows?
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Now I'm not so sure about the radiator being the cause.
I just turned it on, and I can feel it's hot right to the top.
If it were leaking, there would be a cold air pocket at the top?
And I know I have never bled it in the 5 years since I moved in.
It could just be the cold water in the pipe leading to condensation where it is pressed up against the wall.
You've previously said that you have to top the system up, so it could be leaking. But is that an outside wall where the ground level is higher.
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Its about level with outside there, hard to tell exactly.
I can take some measurements.
Re topping up, I did some plumbing work not so long back and that needed some topping up later, but its not needed topping up for several months now.
By NO, do you mean you cant get condensation from a central heating pipe being up against a wall?
From taking some measurements, that damp patch near the rad is below the front edge of the top step by 18" to 2 foot.
One fast and cheap method of testing the external underground drains would be to get differing colours of dye from a Builders merchant.

Put one colour down one drain and the other colour down the other drain?

Wait for a few days after the next down pore and await results internally?

Just a consideration, it will assist in elimination or otherwise of the underground drains.
I monitored the water meter for 2 hours.
The reading did not change by any visible portion of 0.01 cu meters
KenGMac. I never even considered the possibility of a damaged drain being a factor, so thanks for that, I'll get some dye to go down the drain.
Removed the skirting, and found a second breach of the dpc.
The new one corresponds with the batten beneath the worst mold mark in the centre of the area, and shown in my 2nd of my original post.
Here's pictures of both breaches. How could I repair these?
photo 2 (1).JPG
photo 1 (1).JPG
The rad might have leaked in the past.
I dusted the pipes with talc, and rubbed with tissue. They are bone dry.
I think its far more likely that damp is coming from the bridged dpc outside, then coming inside through the holes in the dpc where the flooring butts against the wall.
That dpc is below the outside ground level tho isn't it? So you have ground outside above the dpc... So repairing the dpc is a waste of time. Dpc stops vertical movement to water. .. Not horizontal.
I see.
But the dpc outside needs fixed obviously.
As far as I can make out, it seems to be like this:
photo (4).JPG
Yeah... And that seam between the wall and the dpc water can easyly get down as you have no drainage up there. .. Also you have water that can come thru the patio and under the dpc

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